Real-Time Concrete Strength Monitoring – Maturity Method – Webinar

Hello everyone! In this presentation, we will be talking about: • Some background information on concrete strength monitoring in the field. • Concrete maturity and why the maturity method it is one of the most popular methods for the real-time measurement of concrete strength • Implementing the maturity method in the field • And we’ll Read more about Real-Time Concrete Strength Monitoring – Maturity Method – Webinar[…]

Introducing Smart Concrete™

Smart Concrete™ is a value-added solution offered to the ready-mix customers who want to know the strength of concrete in real-time. Concrete mixes of the ready-mix producer can be upsold as Smart™ mixes to the construction companies. Customers install wireless sensors in the formwork and download the dedicated ready-mix producer’s app to connect to the Read more about Introducing Smart Concrete™[…]

VIDEO: What is concrete maturity?

An educational video on the concept, measurement, and application of concrete maturity method. Transcript Hello, My name is Sarah of Giatec Scientific and Today, I am going to discuss the “Maturity Method” for predicting the early age strength of concrete. So what is it about the “Maturity Method” that interests engineers, researchers, and the construction Read more about VIDEO: What is concrete maturity?[…]

Concrete Maturity | Concept and Measurement

Maturity Method: A Fast Approach for Estimating the Compressive Strength of Concrete in the Field A Global Challenge Early, rapid and accurate in-situ estimation of the compressive strength of concrete is one of the major challenges for the concrete industry. A practical solution for such challenges can prevent multi-million dollars of extra annual investment for Read more about Concrete Maturity | Concept and Measurement[…]

Smart Sensors Save Project QC/QA Costs

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world as its ingredients, e.g. aggregate, water and cement, are readily available everywhere. The properties of hardened concrete are governed by various factors such as the mixture design and curing conditions. Concrete is often ordered for a project based on the required strength. This is Read more about Smart Sensors Save Project QC/QA Costs[…]

Wired vs. Wireless Temperature Sensors

Concrete temperature monitoring is a basic measurement conducted in most projects in order to ensure proper curing of the concrete after placement. In some cases, the temperature history along with a calibration curve is used to calculate the real-time concrete strength based on the maturity concept. Wired temperature sensors and maturity meters have been used Read more about Wired vs. Wireless Temperature Sensors[…]