February 2, 2016




Please find answers to some of the frequently asked questions

What is SmartRock?

Giatec SmartRock™ is a rugged waterproof wireless sensor/logger for monitoring the temperature of concrete from fresh stage to hardened stage.

What are the wires sticking out of the my Rock?

You will find two short metal wires and a slightly longer black wire sticking out of the SmartRock device. The black cable connects the SmartRock to a thermocouple, while the two short metalic wires are used to activate the sensor and to place it over the steel bars. Simply place and tie the metal wires around the bars to fix the location of the sensor. It is recommended to keep SmartRock within the depth of 3″ from the surface of concrete.

Can I get SmartRock with longer Thermocouple cables?

Yes. Please ask for customized length when you are ordering your SmartRock package. You can get this cable as long as 4 ft.

What is the maximum depth I can place my SmartRock?

We recommend a maximum depth of 75 mm or 3″ to ensure that the signals from the sensor are strong enough. The signal strength gets significantly lower as you place the sensor deeper.

Is there an app for iOS?

Yes. The SmartRock mobile app is developed for iOS and Android environments. You can download the app from here

Is there an app for Android?

Yes. The SmartRock mobile app is developed for iOS and Android environments. You can download the app from here.

What does coefficients mean in the Mix Calibration?

The a and b are the regression coefficients derived from the linear relationship between the logarithm of the maturity index and strength of concrete at certain ages.

I made a mistake in selecting the pouring Date and Time. Can I fix it?

Yes. You can edit the pouring date and time within the app. Connect to your sensor. In the connect connect page, click on the clock icon in front of Current Maturity. This will open the date and time functions where you can modify the pouring date and time.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a process where you assign a name or an ID to SmartRock sensors. Tagging can be used to identify sensors bases on the project, date, or any other system you feel comfortable with. Remember that “Tags” are unique. This means that you can not assign the same tag for another sensor.

Can I select and assign a different calibrated mix to my sensor?

Yes. This can be done within the app. Simply click on the icon in front of the Current Strength. A dialogue box will pop up on the screen showing the existing mix information. Select Edit to choose a different mix for your sensor.

View Test Data

In the view page, you are able to see the temperature, maturity and strength data in a chart format. Simply roll over the chart, zoom and pinch, and read the values at any specific time.

Can I share test results?

Yes. From the view screen, select the share icon on the top-right corner of the screen to share the data with other team members. The exported file is a .CSV format, so you can open it with Excel for further post processing, if needed.

What data contribute in maturity and strength calculations?

Only data after the pouring time will be used for the measurement of the maturity index and strength. Also, the temperatures below the datum temperature do not contribute in the calculations.

What does the connect button do?

The connect button is to pair your smart device with the SmartRock sensor. If you have already assigned a tag for your sensor, it should be visible in the connect page. If the bluetooth icon on the left side of the sensor tag is blue, it means that the sensor is in proximity and can be paired.

My bluetooth icon does not become Blue in the connect page!

Normally this happens when you are not in the proximity of the sensor (up to 8 meters). If the sensor is place very deep in concrete, or if it has been damaged for an unknown reason, you will not see it available on the screen. Please also note that if the sensor battery is finished, it will not show up.

How does SmartRock calculate the maturity index?

SmartRock collects and stores the temperature and time values. When you connect with your phone, this information is downloaded into your smart device. The app uses the procedure described in the ASTM C 1074 (Method I) to calculate the maturity index. This method is based on the linear relationship of the maturity index and curing temperature.

What does the setting button do?

The setting button is on the top-right corner of the screen. It can be used to access to the system of units and the mix calibration widget. General information about the app, including the version, and sensor compatibility are also located in this section.

What units does SmartRock app support?

SmartRock app supports both SI (metric) and Imperial units. In the SI units, the Centigrade and Centigrade-hour is used for the temperature and Maturity, respectively. The strength is displayed in MPa units. For the Imperial system, temperature and maturity are shown in Fahrenheit, and Fahrenheit-hour, respectively. The strength is displayed in psi, and ksi units.

What is Calibrated Mix?

If you want to perform a maturity test, or you are interested in the strength of concrete, you need to define the relationship between the strength and the maturity index. This process can be done using the Calibrated Mix section. If you have already defined a calibration relationship, you will find it in the list. If you want to define a new relationship (Calibrated Mixes), you need to press on the + button on the top right corner. This will take to the next page, where you are asked to define the parameters of the new relationship. You have to assign a name to your mix (this name will be used to assign the mix to a one or more sensors). You also need to define the datum temperature; this is the temperature that hydration process stops (no strength gain); You will then need to define the maturity index and strength associated with certain ages (Please refer to the ASTM C 1074 for more details).

What does filter sensors do in the connect page?

The filter sensor enables you to find your sensor easier and faster. Just type the first few characters of the sensor name, and find your sensor in the short listed search results.

What is the blue icon next to my sensor tag?

The blue icon on the right side of the tag in the connect page indicates the status of the sensor. If you are in the proximity of the sensor, and the smart device can detect the sensor. It also indicates that the sensor is ready to be paired with the smart device.

What is the “unlocking” message I see after I try to connect to the sensor

Unlocking is the process that the smart app connects to the sensor and downloads the data.

What are the numbers on the screen after I connect to the sensor?

After you connect to the sensor, the data is downloaded into your smart device and is presented on the screen. At the top of the page, you will see the Current Temperature value. This is the temperature value in the real-time. The icon next to the temperature value shows the log start date and time for the sensor. At the very bottom of the screen, you will find the Min and Max temperature. These are the lowest and highest temperature recorded by the sensor.

If this is the first time you are using the sensor, and you want to assign a pouring time and calibrated mix to this project, you have to click on the “Set Pouring Time”. You will be asked to enter the date and the time of concrete pouring (casting). The pouring time should always be greater than the activation time of the sensor. After you have finished entering the date and time, you are asked to assign a Mix Calibration. When you are done, you will see the predicted strength and maturity values on the screen.

What is Log Start Date?

The log start date is the date and time you have activated the sensor. The sensor becomes activated as soon as you tie the two metal wires sticking out of the SmartBox Unit.